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This is not not about YOU :: June 13 – 27, 2014



Five artists mount the new exhibition This is not not about you at Howard Art Project, June 13–27, 2014. Annie Blazejack and Geddes Levenson, Coe Lapossy, Molly Segal and Courtney McClellan each engage with a single viewer through painting, sculpture, performance and text. Whether creating for a specific person or a theoretical audience, these artists traverse love, desire and friendship as a process of making. The work addresses the audience by naming, depicting or enticing this narrow viewership. The resulting show engages the gallery audience by providing access to this conversational, insular world. Crossing mythical waters or social media, this work calls out and waits for a response.

Annie Blazejack and Geddes Levenson

Coe Lapossy

Courtney McClellan

Molly Segal


National Geographic: May 23rd – June 6th, Opening Reception: May 23rd


Opening Reception: Friday, May 23rd 6:00 – 9:00pm

May 23rd – June 6th*

National Geographic

National Geographic is a group exhibition featuring the work of Abbey Campbell, Nathaniel Grossman, and Spencer Hinson, which takes as its point of departure issues of representation in political ecology. Here, artists and art objects serve as spokespersons for nonhuman entities, at once creating and bringing into focus discrepancies between our external reality and its varied representations. While rooted in the factual, the works place emphasis on their own aestheticization, understanding it as not extraneous but necessary for their involvement within social or political frameworks.

*May 24th – June 6th is by appointment only. To arrange a visit, please contact:

It Might Get Better





A one-night performance by Hayley Morgenstern and Creighton Baxter 

6:00-8:00pm Saturday, February 15th, 2014

Howard Art Project 

1486 Dorchester Avenue, 2nd Floor, Dorchester, MA 02122

The live performances of It Might Get Better become sites of critical reflections, potentialities, and questions about identification and abjection with a haunted pop sweetness. Lived experiences, collisions of materials, and research produces voluptuous, plausibly problematic, and complicated images relating to loss, mourning, and survival. The refusal to conclude, summarize, or make sense of loss/trauma is perpetuated through the obsessional modalities of performing and documenting It Might Get Better

Our performances of selected songs seek not to mimic or impersonate the artists who made them but to explicate what José Esteban Muñoz describes in Cruising Utopia as “…not so much a failure to succeed as it is a failure to participate in a system of valuation that is predicated on exploitation and conformity.” This queer failure “is a failure that is more nearly a refusal or an escape.” Screaming their lyrics while performing a loose choreography of poses and gestures taken from music videos, drag performances, and our own past performances, we seek to a trigger a queer modality of survival that doesn’t erase or negate the past but reengages with it, searching for kernels of utopian potential. 

-Morgenstern and Baxter


It Might Get Better, Selected Biography

Hayley Morgenstern and Creighton Baxter received their Bachelor’s Degrees in Fine Arts from Tufts University in conjunction with The School of the Museum of Fine Arts in 2012. Their most recent project,It Might Get Better started in the winter of 2011 through a mutual interest in interdisciplinary performance practices that cross through fields of intellectual and creative discourses including queer and feminist theory, performance studies and art history. Throughout the last year Morgenstern and Baxter have exhibited their collaborative and individual works nationally and internationally, including events and exhibitions at Anthony Greaney (Boston), Lumen Festival (New York), Hillyer Art Space (Washington D.C.) and Golden Thread Gallery (Belfast).




Sarah Pollman: Notations, Jan. 13 – Jan. 31, Reception: January 24 , 6-9pm


The Howard Art Project is pleased to present Sarah Pollman: Notations. Notations distills a photographic history formed through personal experiences, chance encounters and archives purchased on eBay. Looking beyond the historical chronology learned in classroom settings, the show reconsiders learnt assumptions through installations comprised of photography, text and painting.

Exhibition dates January 13, 2013 – January 31, 2013.  Gallery hours are Friday, Saturday and Sunday 12:00pm – 6:00pm or by appointment. For more information, contact:


Sarah Pollman is a BFA graduate (2007) and current MFA candidate (2014) at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and Tufts University, where she received a Graduate Teaching Fellowship and the President’s Research Award. Pollman is a 2013 recipient of the Art Writing Workshop from the AICA-USA and Creative Capital/Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant Program and a 2014 Curatorial Opportunity Program curator at the New Art Center in Newton. Recent exhibitions include Every Place (Essex Art Center, Lawrence, MA), Emerging Photographers’ Auction (Daniel Cooney Fine Arts, NYC, NY), Sarah Pollman: Photography (New Art Center in Newton) and the New England Photography Biennial (Danforth Museum of Art, Framingham, MA).



Call For Art2

Howard Art Project Resident Artists are keeping busy in November! Check out the latest:

Exhibiting in All Our Tomorrows and Yesterdays  at Proof Gallery
Opening November 9th from 6-8pm—————————————————

Exhibiting his Home Depot House in the 2013 deCordova Biennial, deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum
Subsamson Artist in Residence at Samson Projects————————————————–

Artist in Residence at Home Depot House, 2013 deCordova Biennial, deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum
Resident artist at the Eliot School’s event, Drawing Room, hosted at UForge Gallery in Jamaica Plain————————————————–

Exhibiting Good Fences at Essex Art CenterResident artist at the Eliot School’s event, Drawing Room, hosted at UForge Gallery in Jamaica Plain

Kill The Lights :: 12.13.12 – One night

Screen shot 2012-12-07 at 7.58.16 AM

Kill The Lights

December 13th, 2012 6-9pm

During the season of lights four Boston-based artists do
something unusual- they kill them. Kill the Lights is a one night show at the Howard Art Project
in Dorchester, MA, that explores light as portal into and out of memory. Works varying from
photography to sculpture, from text to live performance, will illuminate the way light reveals
presence and when shut out, recalls absence. The show is free and open to the public.

The artists included are:

Ashley Wood grew up in Charleston, SC. She earned her BFA from Clemson University in 2011
and is currently in her thesis year of the MFA program at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts,
Boston. Her work incorporates photography, text, and sculpture – discussing anxiety and memory
as it relates to childhood, religion, and the domestic space.

Valeska Freire Marulanda is a Venezuelan interdisciplinary artist who works primarily in video
and performance. Her work explores the progression of time through stillness and presence. She
is currently studying methods of desexualizing the female naked body in live performance art.

Molly Segal is a painter from Oakland, CA. Her work uses personal memory to investigate the
psychological ambiguities of interactions of young women. She often paints from video stills of
performative “re-stagings” of past events.

Courtney McClellan is an interdisciplinary artist from Greensboro, NC. Her work attempts to
manipulate the space-time relationship through writing, sculpture and performance. She creates
interventions small and large that demand presence from a viewer.