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Perma-F(r)ail: Personae Documents

"Cusp" by Dell Hamilton. photo by Bob Raymond

“Cusp” by Dell Hamilton.
photo by Bob Raymond

Perma-F(r)ail: Personae Documents
Exhibition: July 25th – August 15th
Opening Reception: July 25th 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Gallery Talk and Performances, July 25th: 7:00pm: Dell Hamilton, Maggie Cavallo, and Nabeela Vega

Perma-F(r)ail: Personae Documents is an original group exhibition curated by Jessica Borusky.

Borusky writes: “Persona within art can be understood as a lens by which to view or understand art making; meaning, what is the physical body behind the work produced and shown, and how is that generating particular affect(s) for the viewer? Or, it can be seen as an artistic endeavor in and of itself; meaning, how does one observe and understand performativity of self, the flux and presentation of identity-making, within real-time, and then extrapolate that experience for viewers outside of the originally designated site of construction?”

Perma-F(r)ail: Personae Documents brings together work by artists from around the country who use video, writing, performance, photography, and changing installation strategies to explore personae in new, provocative, and ultimately, ephemeral ways.

Artists featured include:
Alien Moon Partnership (New Orleans, LA)
Robert Chamberlin (Boston, MA)
Nabeela Vega (Boston, MA)
Leah Craig (Boston, MA)
Jesse Darling (London, UK)
Bug Davidson (Austin, TX),
Coorain Devin (Boston, MA)
Mike Gaughran (Boston, MA)
Dell Hamilton (Boston, MA)
Sarah Hill (Austin, TX)
Jessica Iannuzzi Garcia (Dallas, TX)
Hisaya Ishii (Santa Fe, NM)
Leo Jurado (Quito, Ecuador)
Haley Kattner Allen (Brooklyn, NY)
Judith G. Levy (Kansas City, MO)
Maggie Cavallo (Boston, MA)
Jack Neylan (Boston, MA)
David Wayne Reed (Kansas City, MO)
Eduardo Restrepo (Miami, FL)
David Richmond (New Orleans, LA)
Kent Szlauderbach (Kansas City, MO)
Leah Silvieus (Miami, FL & NY),
Joanna Tam (Boston, MA)
Bradley Tsalyuk (Boston, MA)


April 2nd – April 20th Reception: April 11th, 6:00 – 8:00pm Howard Art Project 1486 Dorchester Avenue Dorchester, MA 02122 Howard Art Project is pleased to present: From the Ruins of the Real a curated project by Celine Browning. From the Ruins of the … Continue reading

Recto and Verso, February 28th – March 21

Reception: February 28th, 6pm – 8pm

“Consider for a moment, the massive benefits that would accrue to us all, if art were considered bad, silly and frivolous.”
-Dave Hickey from Frivolity & Unction

Garrett Gould, "Untitled ^2" Foam Floats

Garrett Gould, “Untitled ^2” Foam Floats


The Howard Art Project presents an exhibition of eight emergent artists working across disciplines. United under Dave Hickey’s seminal essay Frivolity & Unction, the exhibit entitled “Recto and Verso,” features the varied yet equally exploratory works of Charlie CrowellGarrett GouldDuy HoangGordon HoldenGrace JacksonTyler MurphyAlicia Riccio, and Sena Wataya. The exhibition playfully explores unexpected modes of indulgent story telling, the humanity of space, commercial aesthetics, and the deceptive nature of the everyday. Collectively the work calls for an innocently subversive reorientation of perspective and a reconsideration of assumed truths.