Hello friends,

On May 31st 2015, after four years, the Howard Art Project will cease its operation of space at 1486 Dorchester Avenue. On that date we are handing over the space to some longtime friends and collaborators. We are very happy to report that the space will continue to function as a studio and exhibition space, but under a different name, different mission, and a new cast of organizers. We wish them well.

Four years ago six friends decided to lease a nearly abandoned and demo-worthy space above a furniture store. We wanted to create a space to work and (hopefully) exhibit. We spent months renovating the space ourselves. Once the dust settled we invited other friends, friends of friends, acquaintances, and strangers to collaborate with with us. We committed ourselves to working with thoughtful and engaging yet still under-represented artists and under-represented art forms. The community responded. Over the past four years so many amazing artists and curators have come into our space. With their help, we’ve managed to put together four years of programming that anyone would be proud to be part of. Through the work with our collaborators we were able garner the attention of the Greater Boston area art community – a community that we found to be so supportive. We wish to thank some of them here:

Roseanne Foley
Katherine Bitetti
Anthony Greaney
Cate McQuaid
Dot Arts
Susanna Jackson
Lufthansa Studios

The Fields Corner neighborhood and Dorchester were and continue to be vital and supportive place for artists to live, work, and exhibit. We love Fields Corner and we love Dorchester. Our hope is that our experiences will inspire other artists to take their work outside of conventional gallery settings, and to support emerging artists and non-traditional disciplines.

In the meantime,  we ourselves will continue to look for opportunities to work and engage and further the mission that we started four years ago.

Love + Hugs always,



Who we are | What we do

The Howard Art Project is an artist-run studio and exhibition space that was founded by six members of the SMFA community in June of 2011.  We are a proposal-based venue, open to applications from the community at large.

HAP is a forum for inquiry into issues and methods informing contemporary artistic practice. We host art exhibitions, performances, educational workshops and lectures. We are particularly invested in emerging, under-represented, non-traditional and cross- disciplinary approaches to artistic production.

The Howard Art Project  is located in The Howard Building, an art deco style building in the historical Fields Corner area of Dorchester, Mass. The building was once an S.S. Kresge (now kmart) department store, an ACORN office, home to Teens Against Gang Violence, The Vietnamese-American Civic Association, and Velvet Touch Entertainment (a recording studio), among other things.

Events and Exhibitions

The Howard Art Project has an open call for proposals at all times. If you are interested in holding an event or curating an exhibition at the Howard Art Project, please send us a proposal outlining what you would like to do and when. Our board reviews submissions on rolling basis.

Please send proposals to howard.art.project (at) gmail.com