Recto and Verso, February 28th – March 21

Reception: February 28th, 6pm – 8pm

“Consider for a moment, the massive benefits that would accrue to us all, if art were considered bad, silly and frivolous.”
-Dave Hickey from Frivolity & Unction

Garrett Gould, "Untitled ^2" Foam Floats

Garrett Gould, “Untitled ^2” Foam Floats


The Howard Art Project presents an exhibition of eight emergent artists working across disciplines. United under Dave Hickey’s seminal essay Frivolity & Unction, the exhibit entitled “Recto and Verso,” features the varied yet equally exploratory works of Charlie CrowellGarrett GouldDuy HoangGordon HoldenGrace JacksonTyler MurphyAlicia Riccio, and Sena Wataya. The exhibition playfully explores unexpected modes of indulgent story telling, the humanity of space, commercial aesthetics, and the deceptive nature of the everyday. Collectively the work calls for an innocently subversive reorientation of perspective and a reconsideration of assumed truths.


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