MASQUERADER :: 8.5.12-8.11.12


August 5th through August 11th
Opening Reception: Sunday, August 5th 4-7pm

Charlie plays an actor who bungles several scenes and is kicked out. He returns convincingly dressed as a lady and charms the director. Even so, Charlie never makes it into the film, winding up at the bottom of a well.
– The Masquerader, 1914 starring Charlie Chaplin (synopsis of) —

In many of Chaplin’s films, playing with the tools and format of film were integral parts of the end production. His genius was how he conveyed ideas, often routed through his modeling of the perpetual outsider. Through this, the filmaker conveyed an awareness of a grinding industry and smothering homogeneity on humanity, without discussing such issues outright.

The works in this exhibition are not united under a single torch of philosophy, but all search out a deeper gestalt below the surface of materials by eluding conventions of ethereal marks, ochre colors, or other tropes typically associated with such depth or intensity. The artists each dissect and bungle within their mediums, producing work that physically ‘returns’ in some other incarnation through dedication, charm, and even sleight-of-hand with the mediums involved.

Among the fervid masked creatures, internal themes and cultural ones are not ideas to be separated.

The outlandish is strangely grounded.


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