Spin The Bottle :: 5.4.12-5.11.12

Spin the Bottle

May 4th – May 11th
Opening Reception: Friday, May 4th 6-9pm

Through uses of video, assemblage, architectural and sculptural compositions, the exhibition offers a platform for critical engagement with social, cultural, political, and art historical discourses. “Spin The Bottle” highlights investigative responses to conceived notions of identity and explorations of critique in contemporary practice.

A dialogue with intimacy and relations between burgeoning space and coincidental-developmental practice, “Spin The Bottle” is a group show featuring a juxtaposition of mixed media pieces through ten young contemporary Boston artists in collaboration with the Howard Art Project.

Featuring: Paul Butler, Jonathan Lizcano, Allison Matherly, Esteban Neumann, Elizabteth Newman, Branden Paillant, Carolina PupoMayo, David Richmond, Sam White, Garett Yahn

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