Painters’ Rags and Other Artists Clothing :: 12.9.11-12.17.11

Painter’s Rags and Other Artists Clothing :: 12/9-12/17

Opening Reception: Friday, December 9th 6-9pm

We are well versed in the concept of the artist’s persona and we often think of artists as having a creative ‘look’, but how often do we consider the more nuanced performance of clothing and accessories? Some artists outwardly declare a personal style while others deny any preconception of their physical adornment. We all must dress ourselves and, as a result, our subjective experience, historical, emotional, social or intellectual, is embedded in our clothing. When we get dressed, do we choose clothing based solely on price, fashionability, and comfort? Or is one’s style also created through intellectual and creative processes, both conscious and unconscious?

Artists participating in this exhibition will be asked to consider their wardrobe with the same awareness and criticality they use when considering art work and present evidence of this consideration.


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