CALL FOR WORK: Painter’s Rags and Other Artists’ Clothing

Painter’s Rags…and Other Artists Clothing
At the Howard Art Project

About this show / Formal and conceptual visual presentation are often crucial in an artist’s practice. Composition, aesthetics, structure, context, and other concerns serve as methods of creative communication for many artists. How often do we consider that those producing work are also participating in another form of art practice? This subjective art, both endorsed and scrutinized publicly, is that of crafting one’s appearance.
We are well versed in the concept of the artist’s persona and we often think of artists as having a creative ‘look’, but how often do we consider the more nuanced performance of clothing and accessories? Some artists outwardly declare a personal style while others deny any preconception of their physical adornment. We all must dress ourselves and, as a result, our subjective experience, historical, emotional, or intellectual, is embedded in our clothing. When we get dressed, do we choose clothing based solely on price, fashionability, and comfort? Or is one’s style also created through intellectual and creative processes, both conscious and unconscious?

Artists participating in this exhibition will be asked to consider their wardrobe with the same awareness and criticality they use when considering art work. This exhibition asks participants to respond to this prompt within a set of parameters.

Submission Guidelines / For your submission, select a garment or outfit from your wardrobe and reflect upon it in a piece of writing. The way that the clothing and text are presented is up to you, but your piece must fit within the following parameters: the clothing should be represented, the accompanying text should be presented visually or sonically (and be legible/audible), and the piece in its entirety must only take up as much physical space as you do. This can take the form of 2D/3D objects, installations, sound works, video, or performance. There are no parameters regarding the style or type of text you create for this piece.

Please submit a proposal of what you intend to show (a description of the visual elements and summary of your text) or documentation of a finished piece, if completed by the deadline.

Out of town artists who submit work may wish to create something that, by its nature, can be easily delivered or reproduced for the gallery.

A book will be created featuring essays, work from the show, and possibly some of the submissions that do not make it into the show.

Deadline for Submissions / November 22nd
Installation / The week of November 28th.
Opening / Friday, December 2nd. The show will run for two weeks.
Please send submissions or inquiries to


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